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TAP Tools

Available a la carte or as a membership package. As theatre professionals, we understand the budgeting constraints of theatre organizations across the country, navigating unprecedented times. We offer expertise and affordability. 

Become a TAP House today for  access to our suite of tools to ensure safe and equitable workplaces. When you are a TAP House, it is a stamp of commitment to creating a safer, braver theatre community. 


Our trainings are designed for theatre professionals, by theatre professionals, with an anti-oppressive lens. We use real-world theatre scenarios and provide hands-on tools for how to address instances of harassment, discrimination, and workplace abuse. Though some trainings are specific to a certain demographic, anyone is always welcome to attend. 


Your Accountability Partner is here to consult and support your organization in its anti-oppression work. Schedule a Learning Session or a Working Session with your AP and let's get to work!What's the difference between a Learning and Working Session?


 Learning Sessions are a guided module for your organization in which we provide educational materials and resources about a specific topic. At the end of the session, you should be able to achieve specific outlined competencies.


Working Sessions are an opportunity for you to address a specific area of focus you'd like to work through with your AP.


Our non-emergency hotline is available 24/7. We respond directly to the individual, if desired, and report feedback directly to the leaders of the organization while maintaining anonymity of the reporter. 
*inquire for additional details


We're here to help you measure your organization's goals for establishing a safe and equitable workplace culture, with our production and administrative surveys. These surveys provide data and metrics of success over time for key areas of anti-oppressive work. Feedback and recommendations will be provided during working sessions with the organization's accountability partner.

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