Theatre Advocacy Project


HR for the arts.

Become a Theatre Equity Advocate

Learn about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Theatre. Gain practical skills in bystander intervention and the history of oppression through the lens of theatre.

Participants in this workshop will gain shared language and frameworks for understanding what systemic oppression (racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism etc.) is and its relationship to white dominant culture in theatre. Through historical analysis and self reflection, participants will strengthen their understanding of position, power, and privilege to consider their role in upholding and dismantling institutional practices and norms of systemic oppression.

Why is TAP needed?

Based on our market research,  85% of professional theatres in the United States do not have a formalized HR system, leaving organizations open to liability and extra costs.

Conversely, 94% of artists report that they did not have a resource to safely report issues and/or seek help when dealing with an HR issue.

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