Our Mission: To create safe and equitable working conditions for all theatre professionals, country-wide. 


Based on our research, more than 60% of performers felt taken advantage of while working professionally, and only 5% knew of any resource to help them while dealing with their experience.

Regional theatres across the country have been facing the growing need for a knowledge of HR practices in sexual harassment training and intimacy coaching, anti-racist and EDI work, and professional development for leadership, while trying to balance often, razor-thin budgets. 

At Theatre Advocacy Project, we are working to create a system of accountability within the theatre industry that supports both artists and organizations, and offers a more satisfactory working experience for all. 

Who we are

Caylin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Theatre Advocacy Project. Caylin began her professional career as a working artist. After a first hand experience, she was driven to help create a structure that would mutually benefit both performers and theatres. Caylin is currently working on an MA in Performing Arts Administration at NYU. In addition to her performance background, she has experience in marketing, development, and education.

Jillian is the Co-Founder of Theatre Advocacy Project. She is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur from the Midwest. She worked professionally as an actor in Chicago and in Michigan. She also works in the production world as an assistant director and director of production. She enjoys working with a strong collaborative team and believes theatre is the voice that impacts future generations. 


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